An evening when he got both holes sore

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However interesting that book could have been, the man was thinking about his younger lover’s cock and about his younger lover’s cock only. The two, tired from their previous escapades, tried staying away from each other for a while, but hey, who were they trying to fool? Another spark between them, and seconds later the […]

Taking twink cock in the kitchen

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Even though both of you are in the kitchen and it’s full of food, making breakfast may be problematic. If you are there with a hot, toned twink slut, that is! His cock gets engorged so fast you can’t keep your hands and mouth off it. And why should you? Check out this eager older […]

Covering that boy with kisses and cum

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Lying naked next to this boy is like lying next to a bag of candy! You just want to devour all of him as fast as possible. This is what this horny geezer was thinking about, and not just thinking. Watch him run his mouth all over the boy’s most sensual spots, including his tasty […]

Sucking and fucking a ripped twink slut

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The boy never missed a chance to hook up with an older lover. Well, there he was, making out with a guy he just met. Boy did he have a classy place! Wood and fancy stuff all around. It all just made the boy feel dirtier – and hornier! Soon, both were naked and the […]