After-party stairs sex

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When you go home with such a cute twink after a party, things are working out for you too well not to try some al fresco fucking. Watch as the horny man literally pins the boy to the wall making out with him like crazy. Turned on by the danger of being caught, the two […]

A reconciliation fuck

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Things were not working very well for the boy and his older partner that night. They ended up on the opposite ends of the couch, angry with each other. But nothing brings people back together better than sex! The older lover knew it just too well, so he grabbed the boy and started kissing and […]

Artsy twink pleases his older lover

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Art and sex often go hand in hand, right? See the sweet sexy boy checking out a graphical book on the couch. His book was just as visible as his package – for his older lover who was watching from another room, that is. It was just too adorable, and too hot. The sugar daddy […]

Getting dirty in the tub

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Warm water was running down the twink’s meaty package, and this was more than his older lover could handle calmly. Hell, this tight toned twink body is just too much of a temptation. He rushed into the bathroom and started making out with his twink obsession. The boy responded, and soon his warm tiny mouth […]