Nailing a cute boy hard

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It was a crazy night out for the twink and he crashed on his older lover’s bed. In the morning, the guy found the boy fast asleep – and looking cuter than ever. He came up and started fooling around with the boy’s package, very well visible through his boxers. Pretty soon the boxers were […]

Twink earns himself a dick in the ass

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The boy was hanging out at his older lover’s place. He just came from classes and wanted his lover to know he did great that day. Well, his older partner was pleased, to say the least! Being nice and sweet, he patted the boy on the head, then kissed him, and you know where it […]

Cum-flavored kiss in the kitchen

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The urges hit them when they bumped into each other in the kitchen in the morning. It has been a rough night for all of them and both the guy and his younger lover still smelled of booze a bit. But you know how hard these hangover boners are! They started making out right away […]

Plowing twink ass as a hobby

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It didn’t look like a very exciting night at first. The guy was just hanging out with his younger lover on the couch. But then, what the heck, he decided to make it special. Watch him make out with the boy and proceed to indulge his favorite hobby. Which was plowing that twink’s ass, of […]